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Jim Haviland, Producer – Jim is a ubiquitous producer/recording engineer/musician who has built such legendary recording facilities as Bad Animals, Universal Recording and Studio Litho. Jim created Static magazine and has been the Sound Editor for films including the Crocodile Tears, Terminal 187 and Chicago Cab. Jim is an innovation consultant for BizDevGuy.
Angel Combs, Producer
Angel is a spectacularly talented and successful political fundraising consultant and speed freak.
Dan Katz, Producer – Dan is a very successful videographer, editor, writer, voice talent in NYC.

Past Collaborators:

Krist Novoselic, Executive Producer – Krist reached international acclaim as the bass player for the band Nirvana. As a public figure he has been an outspoken advocate for free speech. He also created and heads JAMPAC, the Joint Artists and Musicians Political Action Committee. JAMPAC was started in direct response to on-going local and national attempts to legislate the sale of music. KristÕs writings have appeared in numerous publications including SPIN, and he regularly appears at meetings and conferences to discuss JAMPAC’s progressive agenda.
Hamish Todd, Associate Producer – Hamish, widely quoted writer and poet, is the founder of the Seattle Writers Guild. Hamish is most widely known as a major force in the resurgence of poetry through the creation of poetry slams. In addition, Mr. Todd keeps his finger on the pulse of what is hip and happening in the music scene as the Manager of the internationally renowned Crocodile Cafe.
Eben Eldridge, Poet in Residence – Multi-talented Eben Eldridge is the smoky voice of the AMPT “Listen Closely” segment. Eben, who has a history as an animator, is the lead singer of Hungarian Music Lesson and is a sought-after performance artist. Eben is also an elementary school teacher, as well as a widely-respected poet whose recent collection is called Niggermancer.
Veronika Kalmar, Resident Journalist – Veronika has been working as a journalist covering alternative culture since 1987 and has been published in Heckler, The Rocket, The Austin Chronicle, The Seattle Times, and Backlash. Portions of her book, Jet Lambert’s Gumption Guide: Start Your Own Zine, will appear in The Experience Project, a museum built by Paul Allen and dedicated to Seattle music history. She is currently publishing her own magazine, The Iconoclast: A Vivisection of Art, Music and Subculture.

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