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Progress on all Fronts!

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AMPT Radio now on SoundCloud

For the sake of history and to support my next media project, I am posting all the ancient AMPT Radio archives to and to SoundCloud. Episodes will be available, in their entirety, as playlists like: and I will also be adding all the extra bits that never made it to a full show on…
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Pirates, Thieves and Terrorists: Who’s in charge of the economy?

The economy has become dominated by pirates, thieves, and terrorists. Direct your anger at them.

Episode 3: Politics – You're Soaking In It

Image via Wikipedia #3 – Politics: You’re soaking in it. Synopsis: It is popular in some sectors of our society to state, “I am not political.” In reality, every choice we make day-to-day supports one political agenda or another. It can be exhausting to attempt to remain fully aware at all times of the implications,…
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