Episode 14: Riot Grrrl Feminism

Riot Grrrl Feminism

This episode first aired in 1998.
Social change takes many generations. We attempt to define feminism as it was in the 60’s and 70’s and what it is in the 90’s and into the new millennium, notably third-wave feminism and the Riot Grrl movement.Gloria as tat
Gloria as RebelArticles Include:

the riot grrrl manifesto
the riot grrrl manifesto

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Tax Rates are The Wrong Question:


As typically happens during campaigns, the arguments about tax rates in the United States focus on all the wrong questions.The real questions should be “what lifestyle do you want to live?” and, then, “what is the best route to get there?”

IncomeTaxRatesMitt Romney’s gaffe, describing the 47% of Americans who don’t pay income taxes as free-loaders is forgivable when you consider that the part of America that listens to Fox News regularly hears about it all the time.  The truth is there are people in all income brackets that pay no taxes, but most of them are poor – really poor.  NPR did a great job of framing up this part of the issue here.

I love this graphic from that report:

The Free-loader breakdown

It is an odd myth that has lead the American consumer to believe that controlling all their own money and spending would result in something “better.” Most people are not in a position to make well-informed decisions on all their purchases and most of the things they purchase are not necessarily best purchased by individual or effected by market forces.

You can search the internet and find dozens of people slicing the tax numbers dozens of ways and coming up with justifications for their own personal agendas.  You can say that you would like to pay lower taxes. Of course we would all like to pay less and get more on some level but the getting and giving are more complicated than that.

Personally, having experienced a few other countries with other approaches to this, I prefer to have good civil resources that keep everyone from being so desperate that they lose hope instead of having ultra low taxes and have to live behind barbed wire and armed guards.

Tax Rates in Industrialized Nations

Episode 2: Criminal Justice

Ignorance, Fear, Hate, Short-sighted Legislation:
This pattern has been repeated through out history.  Every generation
needs to differentiate itself from the last and music has always played
a role in that redefinition.  Mozart rolled over Beethoven,
Tommy Dorsey was punk,  Richard Wagner’s bombastic opera’s were pre-electric Heavy Metal, and some of your living relatives burned Beatles records.
AMPT Radio illustrates this process with a look at some recent legislation
put forth in the UK called The Criminal Justice Bill that sought to give
the police broad powers to lock-up just about anybody that seemed a little
History of the Criminal Justice Bill
The history of the bill.
Working Class Hero
Eben presents the Screaming Trees remake of the
John Lennon anti-anthem.
Chris Nickson with Mark Chadwick
A talk with a member of the band, The Levellers,
about the unlikely coalition that rose up against the legislation.

Roderick is Paranoid?
Roderick Romero of Sky Cries Mary presents a poem
about the ever-presence of thuggery.

Chumbawamba offer some foot tapping thoughts on legal irony.

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One Way by The Levellers
Levelling The Land

Criminal Justice by Satchel
The Family;
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Pastor Niemoler’s Lament by Kitchens of Distiction
The Disagreement of the People
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