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Progress on all Fronts!

Go! Buzz! Go!

GoBuzzGo is a collection of marketers, media professionals, and consultants working together to grow businesses, support entrepreneurship and make work a more meaningful and effective experience for everyone.


GoBuzzGo began as a start-up idea that aimed to offer users an infinite array of channels combining serialized media, short films, and other content that they could provide feedback on – and that feedback would both make it easier to fund better content and would further refine media offered to them in their feed. All the best parts of YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, TED, and KickStarter. Problem was – Most of the world was still on dial-up modems- if they had internet at all.   I was in Seattle back then. We thought we were living in the future.

Maybe it was the coffee. We drank a lot of it all the time.

We still do.

Viva le rêve

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