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Mobility Interest by Google Searches

Progress on all Fronts!

Mobility Interest by Google Searches

Google Angel Devil

No promises that Google is the true measure of our interests, but there certainly are lots of reasons to follow the aggregate search results. You ignore these trends at your own peril. Be sure to check assumptions regularly here :

For many Enterprise technologists, marketers, and product managers these trends can be disheartening because:

  1. It is nearly impossible to tease out the enterprise tech from the consumer tech
  2. The enterprise tech often struggles to differentiate with meaningful key words or phrases. Our love of acronyms makes it very challenging to follow of topic like MDM when it means both Mobile Device Management and Mid Day Meal.

Enterprise Mobility Key Words

The rise of Digital Transformation to Replace Mobile

As mobility is quickly becoming a foregone conclusion, digital transformation is taking its place. The reality is, you aren’t fully taking advantage of mobile until you focus on transforming your organization to a digital business.

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