Jobs Report + Education Cuts + Open Positions at Tech Companies = Moronic Irony

This week’s jobs report by the federal government was about 80,000 new jobs short of projections. Those 80,000 jobs, unfortunately exist but have not been filled because America has failed to properly interest and train people with the skills to do the work that needs to get done, the work that really adds value to the economy. Thousands of employers have posting for thousands of jobs that go unfilled, month after month. In particular, the tech sector struggles to find properly trained individuals for the best jobs on the market.

This is a sampling of the news stories you can find every day about unfilled positions:

Seattle, June 1, 2012 : Coinstar among U.S. companies making big hiring push

Columbus, OH, June 1, 2012: Columbus Businesses Have Trouble Filling Open Jobs

Seattle, May 14, 2012: Amazon hiring 1,000 new tech workers for Seattle offices

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