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The evolution of AMPT Radio

AMPT Radio…the award-winning radio show that ignites your senses through alternative music, acerbic wit, and adventurous ideas, produced nationally syndicated programming from 1997-2000 attracting millions of fans through commercial and college radio stations in 30 markets and a world-wide internet audience. AMPT Radio is back.

In 1995, the news media was quite convinced that everyone under the age of 30, the so-called Generation X, was a slacker, disengaged and disinterested with the world. AMPT Radio Founders, Krist Novoselic and Jim Haviland disagreed. They saw a generation of media-savvy citizens without a media outlet to serve them. They set out to address this need, starting with what, at the time, was the most personal and efficient medium available, radio.

Krist and Jim created a show that addressed issues of the day set in a sonic setting that fit with the sensibilities and capabilities of modern listeners. The editing was fast but the production was multilayered and as informative as the narrative. They created a show that was smart, funny, loud, but hopeful, not cynical. AMPT Radio profiled topics that engaged listeners in a wider world of interests and possibilities.

AMPT Radio was heard on over 30 radio stations, including commercial alternative stations in San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC. Thanks to our fans at Real Networks, AMPT Radio was one of the first programs broadcast world wide through web streaming. The ultimate goal was to create a community of listener/producers, offering fans the tools to create their own content that could be added to the web archive and sorted into an infinite array of sequences.

AMPT Radio began before its time. The web was still in its infancy. Consumer generated content was an alien concept. There were no iPods or podcasts, no YouTube. Now the technical infrastructure and social constructs are in place to allow the AMPT Radio mission to be fulfilled.


With its timeless themes, hi-tech production, smart presentation, and blend of music and attitude, AMPT Radio will get you plugged-in, and keep you tuned-in.

Each AMPT Radio show presented in the unique AMPT way – fast-paced and multi-dimensional – explores a topic, individual or event from a variety of perspectives, beginning with a brief history of the issue and resounding music, followed by feature interviews from artists, activists, and politicians. The AMPT approach to a topic is both artistic and documentary, avoiding the ephemeral nature of news shows or vitriol of opinion media. As a result, AMPT Radio programs resonate and engaged for years after they are produced.

In the beginning

AMPT’s pilot season began airing on KNDD 107.7 The End on January 5, 1997 at 7:30 AM on Sunday Mornings. By May 1997, Phil Manning took over as Program Director and saw the potential for AMPT outside the usual "community programming block." The show began airing at 9:30 PM on Sundays and quickly drew a sizable following and top ratings. The first topics included:

  1. Censorship
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Politics: You’re Soaking In It
  4. God: The spirit in the machine
  5. Economic Justice
  6. Anatomy of Radical
  7. Gay Marriage
  8. The Other Music Industry
  9. Who Owns Mexico?
  10. TV Sucks:

as in plugged-in and turned up loud…

AMPT Schedule

Since 1997, AMPT Radio has been available as a stream or podcast, but we also used that old-fashioned technology called FM Radio. Before everyone had broadband internet access, people used outhouses and listened to the radio.

During the years that AMPT was on the air, it could be heard in over 40 metropolitan markets. Let us know if we’re missing one or if you have a story about where you heard AMPT Radio…

Station City Frequency
KNDD Seattle 107.7
WENZ Cleveland 107.9
KNRK Portland 94.7
KXTE Las Vegas 107.5
KITS San Francisco 105.3
KUGR Pullman, WA 95.1
WHFS Washington, DC 99.1
WXSR Tallahassee 101.5
WCPR Biloxi, MS 97.9
WOXY Oxford/Cinci/Dayton 97.1
WKRK Detroit 97.1
KFMZ Columbia, MO 98.3
KTEC Klamath Falls, OR 89.5
KSVR Mt. Vernon, WA 90.1
WJBX Ft. Myers 99.3

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