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Episode 9: Who Owns Mexico?

Progress on all Fronts!

Episode 9: Who Owns Mexico?

Mexico and the U.S. are neighbors with very little in common culturally. Why does America reach over the border and cherry-pick what it wants to exploit. Why is the PRI so corrupt? Tell me about Zapatistas. What is different about racism towards Latinos?

Articles Include:

  • History of Mexico -Mayans, colonialism, Cinco de Mayo, NAFTA, PRI by Paula Friedrich
  • Interview: El Vez, the Mexican Elvis on the deconstruction of bias against Mexicans
  • Listen Closely #1: Reubén Blades Patrios
  • Listen Closely #2: Los Lobos Is This All There Is?
  • Rant: Coyote by Javier Cabasos

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