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Episode 6: Anatomy of Radical

Progress on all Fronts!

Episode 6: Anatomy of Radical

Anatomy of Radical

Synopsis: There are a few things that every successful era of change has in common. In this show we look at the two distinct personalities which must be present to bring the masses toward a beautiful new reality: The Radical and the Not-So-Radical. Martin Luther King was very effective because Malcolm X was there defining the outer limits. Gandhi worked well because Nehru was scarring everybody. Gay Rights has a future as long as there are ACT-UP and Stonewall. The right figured this out and used it very effectively in the 80’s and promoted the far right sections of the populace to make the near right seem centrist.
Articles Include:
Eben Eldridge rants on the need for radicals now and forever
Message to the Messengers by Gil Scott-Heron
London Calling by The Clash
History of Radical Behavior
The instigator walks the thin line between survival and radical behavior with two former ACT-UP volunteers.

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