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Episode 2: Criminal Justice

Progress on all Fronts!

Episode 2: Criminal Justice

Ignorance, Fear, Hate, Short-sighted Legislation:
This pattern has been repeated through out history.  Every generation
needs to differentiate itself from the last and music has always played
a role in that redefinition.  Mozart rolled over Beethoven,
Tommy Dorsey was punk,  Richard Wagner’s bombastic opera’s were pre-electric Heavy Metal, and some of your living relatives burned Beatles records.
AMPT Radio illustrates this process with a look at some recent legislation
put forth in the UK called The Criminal Justice Bill that sought to give
the police broad powers to lock-up just about anybody that seemed a little
History of the Criminal Justice Bill
The history of the bill.
Working Class Hero
Eben presents the Screaming Trees remake of the
John Lennon anti-anthem.
Chris Nickson with Mark Chadwick
A talk with a member of the band, The Levellers,
about the unlikely coalition that rose up against the legislation.

Roderick is Paranoid?
Roderick Romero of Sky Cries Mary presents a poem
about the ever-presence of thuggery.

Chumbawamba offer some foot tapping thoughts on legal irony.

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The Disagreement of the People
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Working Class Hero by The Screaming

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Return To The Inner Experience

One Way by The Levellers
Levelling The Land

Criminal Justice by Satchel
The Family;
Audio CD;
Pastor Niemoler’s Lament by Kitchens of Distiction
The Disagreement of the People
Cooking Vinyl
The AMPT Theme was performed by Sweet

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