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Progress on all Fronts!

Growth in Hard Times – All the money is in play

This is another handy chart form McKinsey. It is very easy to feel like all you can do is cut costs right now, but the truth is, this is a great time to go after new customers if you have some resources.

How to hire a small staff

Jim Collins has offered me no end of simple ways to describe complex issues to my consulting clients.  His book are full of solid wisdom. I’m sure his next book will be no different, but for the moment I’m all about this article in the NYT about his methods.  Genius – especially his hiring protocol.…
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T-Shirt Maker’s Style, Drawn From Web Users

Crowdsourcing My favorite business models right now are the ones that really focus on a limited set of operations, chosen for a unique aggregating of external resources. That may be hard to visualize, initially, but this article from the Washington Post describes the phenomenon very well, including how technology has made it all that much…
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New Products (Like the iPhone): Announce Early or Go for the Surprise Rollout?

I love when I find a resource that distills a common strategic question down to a few simple calculations. This article on doesn’t quite get to the paint-by-numbers status, but it does lay out a clear set of topics to consider when thinking about your product launch. Vaporware or surprise attack? So often your fortunes…
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