Episode 13 – AMPT Live at Bumbershoot 1997

AMPT put on a show on the Main Stage during the annual Seattle arts festival known as Bumbershoot. The show was an adaptation of the Politics: You’re Soaking In Itshow.

Articles Include:

  • Instigator & Eben Eldridge perform the AMPT Preface and The Power of One
  • Dave Dederer talks about changing the world through small acts.
  • Krist Novoselic interviews State Rep Dow Constantine about legislation and involvement.
  • Roderick Romero copes with paranoia through poetry.

AMPT Radio Episode 10 – TV Sucks

AMPT explores a few of the many ways that the greatest communications appliance falls short of living up to its potential. Articles Include: Interview: Musicians from Sarajevo discuss the use of TV to feed hatred Cody Sontagg offers a few words from the Witness Campaign and Powerful Choices. Listen Closely #1:The …

Episode 9: Who Owns Mexico?

Mexico and the U.S. are neighbors with very little in common culturally. Why does America reach over the border and cherry-pick what it wants to exploit. Why is the PRI so corrupt? Tell me about Zapatistas. What is different about racism towards Latinos? Articles Include: History of Mexico -Mayans, colonialism, …

Episode 1: Censorship

  This episode fist aired on KNDD, The End 107.7 in Seattle, WA in January 1997. There are maybe a half dozen clear historical gaffes, but otherwise the show is absolutely evergreen. There is an inherent conflict between order and freedom. While we hold our government responsible for maintaining order …